Tuesday, 8 September 2015

bareMinerals Loose Powder

I was recommended bareMinerals by a friend who's skin makes me green with envy (although I know she wouldn't agree!). We often agree that we hate foundation because of the way it feels on our skin, but one day she told me about bareMinerals Loose Powder. Apparently it provided lightweight, long-lasting coverage whilst improving complexion. I had to try it for myself...

I visited a bareMinerals counter in Bluewater one weekend. The staff were happy to match my skin tone with the bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation. Honestly, their customer service is the best! The young lady I spoke with removed the foundation I was wearing and applied a moisturizer and primer before she tested my skin tone so that we could achieve the best results. Once we found the right colour, she gave me a mini makeover so I wouldn't have to walk around with no makeup on. Using the bareMinerals Full Flawless Face brush, she buffed the loose powder onto one side of my face. Then she asked me to do the other side so she could see whether I was applying it right and to give me guidance on how to apply it properly. She then applied a bit of bronzer and showed me the best technique to use (which essentially contours your face in seconds) and added a setting powder. My skin looked fantastic! I took home the power, the brush and the primer.

The shade of powder I have is Fair. Using the Full Flawless Face brush, it's so easy to apply. Just buff on in circular motions. I like to apply a thin, natural looking layer onto my face, but you can build it up as much as you like. It is extremely lightweight and feels much better than many other powders I've used.

As it's a loose powder you only need to tap out a small amount and it will cover your whole face. As I said, use more if you want a more built up finish. I do this if I'm going out for the night and need that little bit of extra coverage!

The thing I love most about this foundation is that it is completely natural looking. It doesn't go cakey like some foundations and although it evens my skin tone, I can still see some of my "imperfections", such as freckles, underneath. Plus, the SPF protects my skin from those harmful UV rays, which helps my skin stay in good condition.

Applied over my bareMinerals Primer, my makeup will stay put throughout the majority of the day without sliding off. So no need for re-application. Result!

Convinced? Head over to your local bareMinerals counter and get colour matched. You won't be disappointed!

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