Wednesday, 14 January 2015

GHD V Rose Gold Limited Edition Styler

Ok so today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Christmas gifts (are we still allowed to talk about Christmas or is it too late?). I was very good last year and was given a limited edition GHD V Styler! I've been refusing to take them out of the box until I had taken photos for this post, so now that I've gotten round to it I can finally make the most of them, but aren't they beautiful!?

I already have a pair of trusty wide-plated GHDs that I got years ago, which is perfect for my thick hair, but not the pesky, stubborn short hair that I'm still trying to grow out. This baby not only works wonders on straightening all of my hair (despite the thin plates, which I thought would never tame my mane), but it can get the little fly-aways or baby-hair that are finally growing out!

I was very ignorant for a long time thinking that my GHDs were just "straighteners". They are called "Stylers" for a reason, Jade! Now I can do pretty much any style of wave or curl with my GHDs (with a little practise of course); I find dead straight hair boring on me anyway! This styler can produce a much tighter curl, something I wasn't really able to do with my wide-plated GHDs. However, these still create the perfect loose wave that I love.

I really just wanted to just show these off because I think they look amazing! I absolutely love the rose gold colour and the pattern engraved on the styler. I'm a sucker for packaging and I absolutely love how these are presented in the matching box! The set includes a heatproof storage bag and mat, which is great for when you're in a rush and have to wait around for your stylers to cool down before you can put them away! The storage bag is big enough to store a comb for styling too. You also receive two GHD hair clips and a protective plate guard.

I am genuinely in love with this styler and couldn't be more grateful to have received them for Christmas. Thanks Dad!

Are you a fan of GHD? What other stylers do you like to use?


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  2. It's never too late to talk about Christmas! ;) The rose gold colour of these straighteners is gorgeous and so luxurious.. what a lovely gift to receive! Funnily enough, I own a pair of GHD straighteners but my hair is dead straight as it is, I'm after curls if anything haha! :)

    Thanks for following my blog, I've gladly followed yours too.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


  3. Honestly so jealous of these! x

  4. Ohh this is such a beautifully crafted Hair Styler! ^ ^


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