Saturday, 12 July 2014

My new MAC Babies - Creme Cup, Heroine and Morange

Left to Right: Creme Cup - Heroine - Morange

I've lost count of how many MAC lipsticks I have now. My collection is rapidly growing and my bank balance is rapidly decreasing...

After asking the Twittersphere their opinion on which lipstick to buy next, it was clear that Creme Cup and Heronie were the ones to go for (plus if I bought both online I got free postage. Win-win!).

Creme Cup is probably my favourite lipstick out of my entire collection. I've heard other bloggers rave about it but didn't think anything of it; it looked quite plain to me. Once I tried it I was in love! It's such a pretty, subtle shade. I can where a lot of makeup or next to no makeup and it would suit any look. I've worn this lipstick down more than any of the others, and I've only had it a few weeks!

Heroine may be a little too out there for me at the moment, but it might come in useful come Autumn/ Winter, when dark lipstick is more acceptable and my wardrobe is of a darker hue. Heroine is definitely brighter than Up The Amp, which makes it a much more daring colour! I really do love it, but I just don't have the confidence to wear it out at the moment!

Morange is my newest shade, but I'm yet to try it. I've seen this on a few beauty blogs and fell in love with it, so I picked it up in Selfridge's last week. I love the red/orange mix, it makes it stand out from all the other reds on offer. I might wear it for the first time to London tomorrow...

No doubt that while I'm in London I'll pick up another one.

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