Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Benefit's The PoreFessional Agent Zero Shine Review

This year beauty cult Benefit Cosmetics released The PoreFessional Agent Zero Shine, after The PoreFessional was a huge success last year. As a huge fan of The PoreFessional I couldn't wait to try this bad boy out!

Agent Zero Shine is a loose translucent powder designed to suit any skin type and reduce shine (zero shine, duh!). Although it may appear quite dark when it is in powder form, once it hits the skin it provides a clear matte coverage, suiting all skin types and make up. I am pretty pale and I can tell you now this does not make me look orange! It blends perfectly with any make up I use, be it BB Cream, liquid foundation or matte foundation; even over blusher and bronzer! It's perfect for use when I apply too much liquid coverage and I need to look less oily, and also when it reaches the end of the day and my make up is sliding off. Sometimes I even use it on my makeup free face to give myself a natural, oil free finish. ...Gone are the days of greasy t-zones!

The packaging of Agent Zero Shine is cute and compact, perfect to fit in your handbag or make up bag, instead of lugging around larger powders and brushes! The bottom twists off, revealing a small powder brush secretly packed away. The top also twists off, revealing another twist top which allows the loose powder to escape. The lid doubles as a handy tool to empty the powder into. I swirl my brush around a few times, dusting it off in the lid and applying to my oily zones, including my T-zone, eyelids and cheekbones. Shiny patches are gone in a few strokes and I have rarely ever needed to touch up later on. It really lasts!

I carry this around religiously so I can break it out when I start to look a little oily. It's become my favourite powder, despite the price tag! It is definitely worth it the £23.50, especially as it has lasted me since January!

Have you tried The PoreFessional Agent Zero Shine yet? If not, hit your local Benefit Cosmetic Counter and give it a try!

Jade xo


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