Monday, 12 May 2014

My Top Three Favourite Hand Creams

Hand creams are one of my daily essentials; I can't go a day without applying it at least once. From painting my nails to filing paper at work, my hands are always exposed to harmful substances that cause the skin to dry and crack. In the winter I struggle a lot with dry skin so I need a good hand cream to help lock in the moisture and keep my hands nice and soft. It also helps if the hand cream smells nice too! I thought I'd share with you my top three hand creams that I absolutely couldn't live without.

I received this cream in a Glossybox and have been in love since. This cream was the perfect sidekick for my manicures as it kept my skin hydrated for hours and prevented my skin from going dry in the harsh, cold winter we had. Oh and I forgot to mention, it smelt like Terry's Chocolate Orange! That's right! It's so yummy I can't get enough of it and a bottle is only £1.95! Unfortunately it was a limited edition hand cream available around Christmas time so it's not available on the website anymore. I'm close to running out too *weeps* so I'm savouring the rest. I'm looking forward to the Cacao & Orange collection to become available again so I can stock up!

Beauty At Tori's is my local beauty salon and happens to be owned by my cousin! Tori provided a range of services (see my post here) and even has her own skincare range. One item particular being this Strawberry Creampie hand cream. Made with natural ingredients in Faversham, Kent, this hand cream is incredibly soft and smells absolutely divine, sort of like a strawberry cheesecake! It has a thick, creamy texture and once absorbed, leaves the skin feeling as soft as a baby's.  This hand cream is perfect to use for a manicure and works well as a body cream too! The smell of strawberries lingers for hours and my skin is left hydrated for just as long.  I've not had a chance to try it in the winter yet, but with its moisturising properties in this climate I'm sure it will work brilliantly. In my opinion this product is on par with Soap & Glory's Hand Food due to the texture, longevity and fragrance, and it's only £4.50!

Everyone loves Soap & Glory! Their quirky packaging and hilarious product names have made them a household name, not to mention their products are fantastic! I especially love Hand Food. I find that as I massage this cream into my hands it becomes quite watery, but it absorbs into the skin within seconds. My hands feel fully hydrated and incredibly soft without leaving behind a sticky residue like other moisturisers can do. Hand Food is made with Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Marshmallow, and no wonder; it smells delicious! I find that this hand cream helps to restore my skins health and the Shea Butter helps to fade any scars or marks that may appear (I get a lot of paper cuts!). During the winter months this is the perfect product to use as it helps reduce dryness, but I still use it throughout the year. At only £5 a bottle this cream is an absolute bargain! I'd still buy it if they upped the price though...

Love hand creams too? Tell me your favourites!
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