Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My First Love Me Beauty Box Review

Last month I found a discount code for 10% at Love Me Beauty, so I thought I'd give one box a go! After a week, I received an email to say that some of the products from the box I chose were now out of stock, but that they would include some extra products in the box to make up for it. I was slightly annoyed but I figured I'd get some more freebies out of it!

I had heard of Love Me beauty before but what put me off at first was the fact that I could chose the box I wanted to try. That sounds daft, but hear me out! I love the element of surprise that most beauty boxes have and the fact that I could see what was in the box before ordering made me not order the box because I wasn't interested in trying the products on offer. It was only when I saw what was on offer this month that I though, "hey, that box looks bloody good!". I guess that means you can cancel your box one month if you don't like what's on offer. I wish we could do that with some subscription boxes! Let's see what I got inside shall we...

I was thinking about using these bath salts all day at work before using them. God I needed a long soak! As soon as I opened the packet it reminded me of those candy necklaces you used to get as a kid. I poured the salts into my running bath, only to look back to find flower petals floating delicately around the bath. My bathroom smelt absolutely divine and looked so relaxing! After my bath my skin smelt incredible and I also felt really soft. These salts definitely made my bath time more enjoyable and relaxing after long day at the office.

Don't you just love finding lipsticks in beauty boxes?! This was the first item that caught my eye when I opened my box. I've recently been obsessing over MAC lipsticks but I don't like to wear them at work because I feel it wastes them! Receiving a nude lipstick in a beauty box is better than receiving a more daring colour, mostly because it is more wearable. You can wear a nude lip for any occasion and I mainly like to wear nude shades at work. This has not left my side since I've had it. Glaze Pink is such a subtle shade and because of that, it makes it easier to apply. If you get it wrong, it's less noticeable! It has a long lasting, satin finish which leaves my lips feeling super soft and hydrated.
I've never heard of Lord & Berry before, but I'm definitely going to look into their other products. I love this lipstick so much!
I've tried this exact product before in a beauty box and I was in love with it! Jelly Pong Pong Eye Pencils double as an eyeshadow as well as a smooth eyeliner. You apply the pencil and smudge with your finger, leaving you with a subtle smokey eye effect. I love using these pencils when I'm on the run and want a more dramatic look but I don't have time. It's so easy to create a smokey eye with these pencils; everyone needs one of these in their makeup bag!
I love a good face mask! I used this during my long bath (with the bath salts!) and it was so refreshing! After removing my makeup, I applied this mask to my skin, focussing on my problem areas and left for 10 minutes. At first it felt very warm and I could really feel it working itself deep into my pores. Once I removed it, my face felt fresh like mint and my skin felt much firmer and cleaner. I won't need to use another face mask for a few weeks now!
After my bath I applied the Welda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil to my skin. This oil feels very refreshing on the skin and doubled with the soft, subtle orangey scent, it is just heavenly. It has a natural orange tinge to it too which makes my skin a little sunkissed. I reckon this would work wonders this the summer in helping to develop a tan! I might save it 'til then...
I've only used this toothpaste for a week, but I have found that my teeth are becoming slightly whiter and much cleaner. The mint flavour is not overwhelming like some toothpastes and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean for hours. My teeth are slightly stained from ten years of being a coffee addict, but my teeth are starting to lose their stains and there's mich less plaque visible.  I don't have a specific toothpaste I use, I pickup whatever is in the bathroom, but I might consider buying this and switching toothpaste completely!

I very recently reviewed the Gracie lashes but I am so glad I have another set! They are absolutely adorable. Click here to see my full review.

Overall I was really please with this Love Me Beauty box, despite the delay in shipping due to low stock of items. I have cancelled my subscription this month, but I will definitely check back monthly to chose the boxes I want!


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  1. I used to subscribe to Love Me Beauty but the box contents started to be a little disappointing which I didn't like so I have unsubscribed but sometimes I do actually miss that little monthly treat.
    Becka | This Is My World


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