Saturday, 5 April 2014

HD Brows Eye and Eyebrow Palette Review

Today I thought I'd review a product I've been using for about 6 months now. It's another item I got in the
Latest In Beauty Glamour Edition; The HD Brows Eye and Eyebrow Palette!

I've been in desperate need for an eyebrow palette for some time now and wasn't brave enough to go out and spend a tonne of money on a palette if it turned out to be rubbish. I used to use an eyebrow pencil, but looking back now that was a huge makeup disaster! Since using this palette for the first time I haven't gone a day without using it. It's such a fantastic kit!

These kits come in three different shades, Bombshell for fair skin and hair, Foxy for medium hair and skin and Vamp for dark hair and skin. I luckily received Foxy which suits me best as I have dark hair and fair skin. There are four different shades of powder in the palette. Each one is designed for building up colour on your brows and highlighting them with the lighter shade. Some days I go for the second darkest shade for a more natural look, but when I want a more dramatic look I build up all three browns!

The brush included is fantastic. I use the slanted brush to shape my brows and to create the arch, and I use the rounded brush for highlighting underneath to define the brow even more.

The difference between using a pencil and using a powder is this; during the day my skin gets oily and most of my makeup starts to slide off. Eyeliner is the worst, and because eyebrow pencils are basically soft eyeliners, it tends to either sink into my skin and lose it's definition, or it starts to slide off leaving a "panda-eye" effect under my brow. AWFUL I know. Powder is dry, so it tends to stay put. If it does start to fade, I just dust a little more on et voila.

The eyebrow palette also doubles as an eyeshadow pallette. I find the brushes too small for initial application so I use larger ones, but the powder works incredibly well on my lids. Again, this powder doesn't slide off during the day for me which is an added bonus. The above picture is me wearing the powder on both my eyes and my eyebrows, at least 8 hours after putting it on, with no touch ups! If I do require a touchup during the day, the small brushes are perfect to fill in the little areas that need a little more definition. The slanted brush works wonders for topping up my eyeliner flick too!

I really don't think there could be any better palette for your eyes. It has everything and comes in a perfect little compact with a mirror so you can easily top up on the go.

I believe HD Brows have now changed the packaging of the palette to include more colours, and is only £25. I think this is a bargain, as I've had it 6 months and my most used powder still hasn't run out.

If you are looking for a great eyebrow palette, this is the one for you. I will never be without it. It has become my number one essential!

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