Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Pen

I received the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Pen Mini in a Birchbox a few months ago and after using the Eyeko Lash Curler I was exited to see if this lived up to my expectations of the brand. It is so easy to use and the results are PERFECT.  Look through any recent Instagram photos of me wearing eyeliner; I'm wearing this!

I've been using eyeliner pens by L'oreal and Bombshell for about a year after a colleague introduced me to them, but I always struggled to get the flick perfect. Usually this is because the pen is too thick and too "felt-tipped" that it goes a little bit blotchy. I can never get a straight flick by using these pens and usually have to top up with another product. This can be incredibly frustrating and has resulted in my taking off all my makeup in anger!

The Eyeko eyeliner is perfect for creating a quick flick. It is thin enough to outline the shape you want and to fill it in without getting it everywhere and it creates a smooth, bold shape. I wouldn't say I've got a steady hand in the slightest but this pen is very comfortable to hold and it is easy to remove if you make a mistake, which in turn makes me feel more relaxed when using it, resulting in the perfect flick!

During the day I never have to top up my eyeliner. It lasts such a long time and never smudges unless you run a wipe across it. It's so important to me that a product is long lasting. I need something that I don't have to top up halfway through the day in the toilet at work! On the rare occasions that I go out after work, it stays put, from morning through til night. It's fantastic!

 I've used my pen non-stop for a few months and it's only just starting to run low, but I will definitely  purchase another.

For just £12, it's only a little bit more than your average highstreet brand, but remember you are paying for quality! Now I've found THE eyeliner for perfect cat eyes I won't be looking back.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Razor

Last year I received this incredible razor in a Glossybox. I usually (and stupidly) don't really care what I use to shave my legs, but this has changed my views completely!

I've never seen a razor this shape before, but here's why. The razor is surrounded with a thick soap that, as you run across your skin, creates a lather to provide ease and precision to your shave. All you need to do is add water, and means you can save a tonne on shaving foam! The razor is as light as a feather, you barely feel it on your skin, and it doesn't cut you! Despite this, it leaves you with such a close shave and, along with the moisturising effects of the soap, leaves you with soft, smooth legs!

I'm prone to ingrowing hairs with whatever razor I use, apart from when I use this one! The soap around the razor lasts a few weeks, if you shave regularly, but the razor is still going strong after all this time! I'll soon need to replace the razor/soap combo (around £7 for 3!) but at the moment it works perfectly!

For just £6.99 in store I think this is the perfect razor for every girl. It's so quick and easy to use and with the added benefit of soft, moisturised legs after use, it saves time moisturising yourself (or am I just lazy!?).

Fancy giving it a try? Buy it here!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Eyeko London Lash Curlers

I've been obsessing over these curlers for months now and thought it was about time to express my love for them. Eyeko is a brand I'd never heard of until Alexa Chung collaborated with them last year. Due to the price tag, I opted to not buy any products myself, until I received this beauty through the post.

I've never been a huge fan of using curlers as mascara is usually enough, but it's incredible the difference these make to my lashes. The soft velvet handles make for comfortable use, meaning curling your lashes is as precise as possible. It's easy to manoeuvre, without being too loose or too stiff. It also comes with a number of extra silicone rubber pads to replace as they wear out, which you don't usually get with your bog-standard curlers! And most of all, it does it's job really well!

I always heat these up with a hair dryer for a few seconds, which I find curls my lashes even more! I find with some curlers its difficult to get all of your lashes done in one go; with this, no problem! Within one squeeze all of my lashes are curled beautifully, leaving me with big bright eyes and the perfect canvas to apply my mascara! I usually go with They're Real by Benefit or L'oreal's Miss Manga!

I'm still on my first set of rubber pads as I don't use it every day, but when I do my lashes have ten times more volume and it makes applying mascara that much quicker. From my experience with these curlers I'd easily try another product from the range. Possibly a mascara to go with...

Have you tried these curlers yet?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My First Love Me Beauty Box Review

Last month I found a discount code for 10% at Love Me Beauty, so I thought I'd give one box a go! After a week, I received an email to say that some of the products from the box I chose were now out of stock, but that they would include some extra products in the box to make up for it. I was slightly annoyed but I figured I'd get some more freebies out of it!

I had heard of Love Me beauty before but what put me off at first was the fact that I could chose the box I wanted to try. That sounds daft, but hear me out! I love the element of surprise that most beauty boxes have and the fact that I could see what was in the box before ordering made me not order the box because I wasn't interested in trying the products on offer. It was only when I saw what was on offer this month that I though, "hey, that box looks bloody good!". I guess that means you can cancel your box one month if you don't like what's on offer. I wish we could do that with some subscription boxes! Let's see what I got inside shall we...

I was thinking about using these bath salts all day at work before using them. God I needed a long soak! As soon as I opened the packet it reminded me of those candy necklaces you used to get as a kid. I poured the salts into my running bath, only to look back to find flower petals floating delicately around the bath. My bathroom smelt absolutely divine and looked so relaxing! After my bath my skin smelt incredible and I also felt really soft. These salts definitely made my bath time more enjoyable and relaxing after long day at the office.

Don't you just love finding lipsticks in beauty boxes?! This was the first item that caught my eye when I opened my box. I've recently been obsessing over MAC lipsticks but I don't like to wear them at work because I feel it wastes them! Receiving a nude lipstick in a beauty box is better than receiving a more daring colour, mostly because it is more wearable. You can wear a nude lip for any occasion and I mainly like to wear nude shades at work. This has not left my side since I've had it. Glaze Pink is such a subtle shade and because of that, it makes it easier to apply. If you get it wrong, it's less noticeable! It has a long lasting, satin finish which leaves my lips feeling super soft and hydrated.
I've never heard of Lord & Berry before, but I'm definitely going to look into their other products. I love this lipstick so much!
I've tried this exact product before in a beauty box and I was in love with it! Jelly Pong Pong Eye Pencils double as an eyeshadow as well as a smooth eyeliner. You apply the pencil and smudge with your finger, leaving you with a subtle smokey eye effect. I love using these pencils when I'm on the run and want a more dramatic look but I don't have time. It's so easy to create a smokey eye with these pencils; everyone needs one of these in their makeup bag!
I love a good face mask! I used this during my long bath (with the bath salts!) and it was so refreshing! After removing my makeup, I applied this mask to my skin, focussing on my problem areas and left for 10 minutes. At first it felt very warm and I could really feel it working itself deep into my pores. Once I removed it, my face felt fresh like mint and my skin felt much firmer and cleaner. I won't need to use another face mask for a few weeks now!
After my bath I applied the Welda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil to my skin. This oil feels very refreshing on the skin and doubled with the soft, subtle orangey scent, it is just heavenly. It has a natural orange tinge to it too which makes my skin a little sunkissed. I reckon this would work wonders this the summer in helping to develop a tan! I might save it 'til then...
I've only used this toothpaste for a week, but I have found that my teeth are becoming slightly whiter and much cleaner. The mint flavour is not overwhelming like some toothpastes and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean for hours. My teeth are slightly stained from ten years of being a coffee addict, but my teeth are starting to lose their stains and there's mich less plaque visible.  I don't have a specific toothpaste I use, I pickup whatever is in the bathroom, but I might consider buying this and switching toothpaste completely!

I very recently reviewed the Gracie lashes but I am so glad I have another set! They are absolutely adorable. Click here to see my full review.

Overall I was really please with this Love Me Beauty box, despite the delay in shipping due to low stock of items. I have cancelled my subscription this month, but I will definitely check back monthly to chose the boxes I want!


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Mac Cosmetics Up The Amp Lipstick

Yep. ANOTHER Mac Lipstick. I really have jumped on the bandwagon haven't I?! What the hell. These lipsticks are fantastic!

I've been after Up The Amp for months. It was the first shade I wanted to try but wherever I went it was always sold out. I was heartbroken. It was very quiet the other day at Bluewater so I thought I'd pop into House Of Fraser to see if they had it in stock. I was in luck! I was so excited I just ran out of the store and popped it on in the car.

What a colour! I'm a fan of purple lipsticks, but most are too dark for my skin tone and, usually, the time of year! Up The Amp is a lighter shade of purple so I can wear it any time, any day! I've worn it to work, to a Christening and even on a night out and the colour just pops! It's a great colour for when you are going for a nude eye or even just a flick of eyeliner.

As usual, this lipstick has a lovely scent and lasts hours and hours without a top up. I am absolutely in love with this shade and will never be without it!

Do you own Up The Amp? Don't you just love it?!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

HD Brows Eye and Eyebrow Palette Review

Today I thought I'd review a product I've been using for about 6 months now. It's another item I got in the
Latest In Beauty Glamour Edition; The HD Brows Eye and Eyebrow Palette!

I've been in desperate need for an eyebrow palette for some time now and wasn't brave enough to go out and spend a tonne of money on a palette if it turned out to be rubbish. I used to use an eyebrow pencil, but looking back now that was a huge makeup disaster! Since using this palette for the first time I haven't gone a day without using it. It's such a fantastic kit!

These kits come in three different shades, Bombshell for fair skin and hair, Foxy for medium hair and skin and Vamp for dark hair and skin. I luckily received Foxy which suits me best as I have dark hair and fair skin. There are four different shades of powder in the palette. Each one is designed for building up colour on your brows and highlighting them with the lighter shade. Some days I go for the second darkest shade for a more natural look, but when I want a more dramatic look I build up all three browns!

The brush included is fantastic. I use the slanted brush to shape my brows and to create the arch, and I use the rounded brush for highlighting underneath to define the brow even more.

The difference between using a pencil and using a powder is this; during the day my skin gets oily and most of my makeup starts to slide off. Eyeliner is the worst, and because eyebrow pencils are basically soft eyeliners, it tends to either sink into my skin and lose it's definition, or it starts to slide off leaving a "panda-eye" effect under my brow. AWFUL I know. Powder is dry, so it tends to stay put. If it does start to fade, I just dust a little more on et voila.

The eyebrow palette also doubles as an eyeshadow pallette. I find the brushes too small for initial application so I use larger ones, but the powder works incredibly well on my lids. Again, this powder doesn't slide off during the day for me which is an added bonus. The above picture is me wearing the powder on both my eyes and my eyebrows, at least 8 hours after putting it on, with no touch ups! If I do require a touchup during the day, the small brushes are perfect to fill in the little areas that need a little more definition. The slanted brush works wonders for topping up my eyeliner flick too!

I really don't think there could be any better palette for your eyes. It has everything and comes in a perfect little compact with a mirror so you can easily top up on the go.

I believe HD Brows have now changed the packaging of the palette to include more colours, and is only £25. I think this is a bargain, as I've had it 6 months and my most used powder still hasn't run out.

If you are looking for a great eyebrow palette, this is the one for you. I will never be without it. It has become my number one essential!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Glamour's Spring Latest In Beauty Edit Review

Glamour Magazine has teamed up again with Latest In Beauty to bring us this Spring's must have goodies. The products included in this box are some that I would have never tried but am so grateful that I have. Here's why...

L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara
I've recently only stuck with my They're Real Mascara by Benefit, thinking that there would never be another mascara on par with it. Boy was I wrong. I wasn't really interested in this mascara at first, as I didn't like the results of the mascara on the adverts. However, if you apply this mascara as you would any other, it doesn't actually clump your lashes that much! After application, my lashes are longer, thicker, darker and more defined than any other mascara I've tried. It makes my eyes look wide awake, even on my worst mornings at work! For only £8.99, this mascara is a bargain and one that I will be purchasing again and again.

Daniel Sandlers Longlasting Waterproof Eyeliner
Ok, so I didn't love this product, but only for one reason. The colour. Had we received a black or a brown, I would have raved about this eyeliner forever. I applied it once to see what it would look like and I really was not confident enough to wear the colour blue. However, it does what it says on the tin. It lasted all day, and was just as colourful as when I first applied it. It didn't run like some eyeliners, giving you the panda eye! It genuinely stayed put. I put it to the test and left it on before washing my face, and it didn't budge. It only came off using eye makeup remover which proves that it really does the job. I found it for just under a tenner for the colour black, so I'm thinking of investing...

Burts Bees Beeswax Lipbalm 
What a lovely product. I'm a big fan of lipbalm, and I'm constantly applying it at work instead of wasting my lipstick at the computer, so a tasty, longlasting lipbalm is essential in my makeup bag. This lipbalm is rich in vitamins and oils which help to keep your lips plump and soft. Gone are the days of chapped lips! It has quite a minty flavour which can be overpowering if you don't like mint, but I found it so yummy! When it runs out I'm definitely buying another!

Cheeky Chat Me Up Nail Paint
This is nail polish came in such a lovely colour, it's a shame that it chipped so easily! The brush was very thick and made application easy and it dried very quickly on my nails. There was a shiny finish once the nails were dry, but again, it chipped within hours, so I don't think I will purchase this product.

Invisibobble Hair Rings 
AMAZING. This has completely changed the way I tied up my hair. The concept is simple, a hair tie that looks like a phone cable, in lots of funky colours. The results, AMAZING. The rings help to hold hair evenly in place and ensure that when you take down your hair there are no kinks. Literally none! When you work in an office like me, it tends to get stuffy and all you want to do is tied your hair up. I usually put it back down at the end of the day but it is just a mess after my normal hairbands get hold of it. My hair kinks so easily! With these, I can put my hair up and down as many times in a day and when i take my hair out it looks just as before. These bands don't tug on your hair either and feel very loose, even though they are holding your hair tight in place. I do sometimes suffer from headaches when I tie my hair up, but not with these. I suppose that because of how gentle these are on your hair they reduce breakage, which is fantastic as I'm trying to grow out my hair! I will definitely buy some more of these, in all different colours!

Percy and Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse
I've tried a couple of Percy and Reed products before and what attracts me to the brand is the cute packaging, relaxing scents and the beautiful, salon results. This mousse is no exception. I have naturally curly hair, but it does go flat at the top, so I now use this to give my locks some oomph! Unlike most mousse products, this is non-sticky, you don't even have to wash your hands afterwards. This mousse also doesn't make your hair go "crispy" which is a common issue I find with other brands. It smells fantastic and my hair never felt softer. The price is the only thing that puts me off this product, but I reckon I will buy it once it runs out. You only need to use a pea sized amount for decent results, so it won't run out any time soon!

Rituals Zensation Foaming Shower Gel
I have never used a Rituals product, but I am always in awe when I pass the store in Bluewater. I've heard rave reviews about their skincare range, and those reviews aren't wrong! You shake this can like a hair mousse and pump out a pea sized amount onto your hands. It grows and lathers into a shed load of foam that you can use on most of your body in one go. It left my skin feeling delicately soft, fresh and smelling delightful. I had many relaxing baths with this due to the scent! The bottle lasted quite a few washes, so £8.50 for a full sized bottle is well worth the money.

Out of the seven products I received, being willing to purchase six of the products is fantastic! I was so happy with this box that I am seriously considering purchasing another...

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts?
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