Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mac Cosmetics Pink Nouveau Lipstick

Selfie overload! Taken from my instagram @jadicusxo

Yes, it's another MAC lipstick post! I seemed to have jumped on the bandwagon with a great big thud. Oh yes, I've purchased three colours in the past few weeks! Pink Nouveau was my second colour of choice. I've always had a vibrant pink lippy in my makeup bag, but never one that lasted this long with a finish anywhere near as good. Needless to say, my old, cheap lipsticks have gone straight in the bin.

After 20 minutes of swatching colours with my mum in Bluewater, we both agreed that Pink Nouveau suits my style and skin tone better than the other shades of pink available. This shade of pink is just bright enough to liven up my makeup without being too bright to pull off at work. The texture of this lipstick is fantastic too. It's far from sticky, yet leaves your lips feeling glossy. Plus, no matter how many cups of coffee I go through in the morning, it stays put until lunchtime! No word of a lie, I applied this lippy twice in one day and I made the colour last until I took my makeup off at night!  Oh and there's the added extra of a distinct sweet/vanilla flavour. Lush!

At just £15 each, MAC Lipsticks are becoming a well worth investment in my beauty regime. I'm surprised I've never experimented with the brand before. If you're considering purchasing a MAC lipstick, I would strongly recommend it. If you're spoilt for choice by the different colours and shades (like I usually am), ask a member of staff to assist in finding a colour that's right for you. You won't regret it!

I'm so glad that I have found a long lasting, non-sticky bright pink lipstick that not only suits my skin tone, but can suit the way I wear my make up! Now, what colour do I go for next...?

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