Monday, 23 December 2013

With Love... Hilary Duff

Since the days of Lizzie McGuire I've been a huge Hilary Duff fan. The first website I designed and hosted was a fansite dedicated to the beautiful blonde. I followed her career religiously, copied her outfits, make-up and even chopped off my hair to look like her. I was over the moon when I heard she was releasing a fragrance in 2006, then another in 2008 with Elizabeth Arden. With Love and Wrapped With Love soon became must have items on my dressing table!

Since my 14th birthday I have owned various gift sets and sizes of each fragrance. The gift sets included body lotions, hair ties, tank tops, candles and body wash, not forgetting a medium sized bottle of perfume of course. I still own a half used candle and a full bottle of With Love that I received for my 19th birthday. However, I'm going to have to hold on to these items and savour them for as long as possible. Both fragrances have been discontinued!

I was so shocked to recently hear the news. Apparently these fragrances have been discontinued for a while due to harmful chemicals which is a huge shame. I'm struggling to find it online other than on eBay and unreliable perfume websites. I don't know about you, but I don't trust a website where the spelling and language is appalling!

Wrapped With Love was a beautiful fragrance but I only felt confident wearing it in the summer as it had a lot of floral, fruity notes. With Love defined me more as a person and it is such a shame I've only got one bottle left to last me forever.

With Love is an oriental, spicy fragrance with notes including Mangosteen Fruit, Mangosteen Flower, Spices, Cocobolo Wood, Amber Milk and Amber Musk. The glass bottle is a diamond-cut shape with a golden, detailed top. The packaging is beautiful with a blue slip decorated in gold writing and detailing, with a purple concertina box with gold detailing along the top. The perfume sits comfortably in the velvet box inside. Everything about this product screams beautiful.

I will try to keep this perfume for as long as I can, so long as it doesn't "go off"! I will truly miss this fragrance once it is gone completely. Maybe Hilary will look into releasing a new fragrance one day...


  1. Oh no what a huge shame that they've been discontinued :( the packaging looks so beautiful! xxx

  2. So sad its been discontinued, looks stunning!!

  3. Awh I never knew this was being discontinued! My mum brought me this last year & she said it was really hard to find, I think she ended up getting it from amazon though so you could try there :) xx

  4. This is legitimately one of my favourite scents! I stocked up on it a few months ago! xx


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