Sunday, 22 December 2013

How To Look The Best At Everything by Benefit Cosmetics

I've recently become a fan of Benefit Cosmetics after receiving samples of They're Real and The PoreFessional in beauty boxes over the past few months. Both have become essetials in my makeup bag, so I've decided to branch out and experiment with some of their other products. 

After watching hours of QVC with the lovely Lisa Potter-Dixon (my new idol) I've become obsessed with hunting down the How To Look The Best At Everything box for a cheap price. I finally found it on for only £18! It's usually £25.50 from Benefit direct so I really did grab myself a bargain! 

This box contains some of Benefit's best products, including The Porefessional, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, Bo-ing and Hello Flawless Powder. I chose the Light kit as I have fair skin, but you can also purchase Medium and Dark for darker skin types. 

In the box you get a Tips & Tricks manual which tells you which order to use the products and the best techniques for flawless coverage. I followed the guidelines, applying each product in order and even finished off with some They're Real Mascara *drool*. I am so pleased with the result! 

I think I applied too much dark Bo-ing and not enough light, which made my face a little too dark, but the coverage is fantastic. I have blemished, scarred skin which is completely hidden with this makeup. You can see the physical bumps, but the red and purple marks are gone! 

This set left me with a subtle dewy finish which is nice this time of year when my skin is usually dry. The Hello Flawless powder let me hide any patches that appeared oily and with The Porefessional underneath, it stayed on the whole day! I managed to go from 12pm to 12am visiting family, going to dinner and the cinema without having to touch up. I'm thrilled! 

I think this kit will come in handy over the winter months to help liven up my dull winter skin! 

Are you a fan of Benefit Cosmetics? What are your favourite products? 


  1. This kit looks amazing! Can wait to try and pick it up in the sales!
    Rebecca, from A Little Bit of Glitter

    1. I agree with Rebecca ! I WILL FOR SURE BE PICKING THIS UP!
      great post !
      Abbigayle | Stealstylist xoxo

  2. I love Benefit products! Their "Erase Paste" concealer is a bit of a miss for me though. I love all of their blushes/bronzers, and I have a couple of their eye palettes.


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