Friday, 15 November 2013

Olay Beauty Fluid

When I was little I wanted to be exactly like my mum. I would prance around in her high heels and her fabulous dresses (which actually fitted me, she's so petite unlike me now!). Every now and again me and my sister would sneak into her makeup bag and try on her lipsticks! Mum taught me a lot about makeup and allowed me to wear it quite young in moderation as she knows its fun to experiment too!

When I first discovered foundation my mum immediately stopped me before I applied it and handed me a little bottle. She told me NEVER to put anything on my face without this on. It turned out to be Olay Beauty Fluid, which has become a daily essential since that day forward.

My mum is in her mid 40s with flawless and youthful skin. Apart from a few acne scars (a trait we both share) she's wrinkle free and rarely suffers from spots or blemishes. She swears by Olay's Beauty Fluid, using it every morning without fail. That's why I continue to use it, I want my skin to look as youthful and fabulous as hers when I'm her age.

I notice a huge difference when I'm not using this product. As a newbie beauty blogger, I'm experimenting with new serums and moisturisers all of the time, many of which leave me with spotty, blemished skin, until I return to Olay...

Olay is a soft, lightly scented daily moisturiser which plumps up my skin and gives me a healthy glow. It especially helps keep my skin moisturised during the winter, when my skin tends to turn dry and cracked. It locks in all of the natural moisture on my face and gives a fantastic base for makeup without leaving my skin heavy and oily. It works so well for my combination skin and is only £5.99 from Boots.

I think after doing a few months of  experimenting with moisturisers and serums, I'm never leaving my bottle of Olay unused again. Not a single product produces results anywhere near as good!

Who knows, maybe it is the secret to youthful, wrinkle free skin?

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