Thursday, 10 October 2013

Latest In Beauty Editor's Picks - The Autumn Collection

You know how obsessed with Latest In Beauty you are when you get an email about a new box and don't even look at what you're buying. Naughty Jade! Luckily I snatched up this box when I did, it's completely out of stock now! So did I like the box? Here are my thoughts... 

I used this product first and I'm not a fan. It's supposed to brighten your skin and give you a clearer complexion. The most I can say is it didn't really do a hell of a lot, and I think for the price it's a little bit of a waste of money. 

Would I buy this product? No. 

Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Exfoliation Mask

After using the Brightening Cream I thought I would't like this. I woke up with some nasty spots covering my face in random clusters and nothing was working on my skin! I applied this as a mask, and immediately you can feel the exfoliating beads. I left on for about ten minutes, finishing off by rubbing it into my skin to exfoliate, and once I washed it off my face my spots have cleared right up. And I mean instantly. I was so happy, and they have really gone down since. 

Would I buy this product? Yes!

St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion 

This was perfect for me last week as I had just had a tan done, and because the face is the part of the body the tan fades first, I was able to apply this daily so it still looked like my tan existed. I've heard great things about St Tropez and I'll definitely be using their products in the future after this. Might not come in useful this time of year though...

Would I buy this product? Yes!

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

This product claims to give you translucent coverage and is lightweight. Luckily I had a fake tan when I used it because it went orange (no need for the St Tropez that day!). I can't use it now my tans gone, it's so dark, and it's not lightweight at all. Such a shame. 

Would I buy this product? No. 

This worked so well for me. You simply spray this into your roots while your hair is wet and blow dry. Easy! I have mad hair until I style it, then it goes flat, so it was uber mad, then went all bouncy and full of life after it was straightened! I wash my hair ever other day and it was full of life the whole time. Love love love! 

Would I buy this product? Yes!

NSpa has recently become a favourite brand of mine thanks to Latest In Beauty. This shower and bath oil is beautiful. It smells divine and leaves skin feeling clean and moisturised. Going to have to buy another bottle! 

Would I buy this product? Yes!

I needed a product like this in my life. I bleached my hair at the beginning of the year and since dying it back to brown it's felt dry and itchy. After using the Shampoo and Conditioner a few times I'm left with beautiful, thick soft hair. It's completely transformed my hair and I'm so happy I have my silky locks back. These are products that definitely do what they say on the tin. 

Would I buy this product? A million times yes! 

I've recently heard that Latest In Beauty do an advent calendar with different goodies in each window. They confirmed with me via Twitter that they will definitely be releasing another one this year that will be even better than the last. I'm so excited! 

Have you got your hands on a Latest In Beauty box yet? 


  1. Love your blog, such a good read! I have never heard of Latest in Beauty but I will be sure to check it out now. Consider me a happy new follower :)
    Becka x

    1. Thank you so much, this means a lot! Latest in Beauty is a fantastic service, I hope you enjoy their website and consider buying! xxxx


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