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Latest In Beauty Editor's Pick

Recently I've developed an obsession with beauty boxes (if you hadn't guessed already!) so when I received an email from Latest In Beauty regarding their Editor's Pick box I didn't hesitate to buy it! This box looked incredible; there was so much on offer in just this tiny little box. And it only cost me £12.95! Bargain.

The editor's at Latest In Beauty compiled their favourite make-up brands in this luxury box, with products to make you look and feel amazing. But what did I really think of each product...?

This shadow is designed to be whatever you want it to be. Bit of a weird concept for an eye shadow, but I guess it works. I've only used it as a shadow, mixing it with a lighter colour to give my lids some sparkle, but I really do like it. I love glittery cosmetics especially for a night out. I think this might come in handy around Christmas time. Applies well and stays put for hours. These shadows are only £12.99 per pot. 

Would I buy this product? Yes, but not in the same shade. 

One of my favourite products from the box! I've been using this weekly since receiving it and it has done some great things for my skin. Eve Lom Rescue Mask promises to rescue sluggish and stressed skin, and this 15-20 minute treatment really does the trick. After cleansing my face from the mask my skin is plumper and firmer with less blemishes, not to mention it feels really fresh. 

Would I buy this product? It's a little out of my price range (£35) but if I was going to treat myself, yes!

I really enjoy using this lip gloss actually. I received a nude shade (it wasn't specified) and I carry it with me everywhere. Mirenesse Lip Lift tastes lovely and leaves my lips feeling glossy for a few hours before re-applying. It also looks good when I apply over nude lipstick. 

Would I buy this product?  Yes!

My favourite product in the box! I've heard stories about They're Real by Benefit, but it was always too expensive for me to try. One the first day of use everyone was saying "why are you wearing false lashes we are only going to the cinema?" Needless to say they were shocked when I broke the news that it was, in fact, only a mascara. They're Real applies easily without clumps and for once I didn't get panda eyes halfway through the day! I call it my miracle mascara! 

Would I buy this product? Yes!  

This lovely little nail varnish I received is the perfect size for your handbag. Mavala have created the little bottles claiming that many nail products are thrown away half used because over time the varnish thickens, proving unusable. They have a point; the amount of old ones I've binned is crazy!

Red is my favourite shade of nail varnish, so I love adding more to my collection. At first I liked this product, it applies quickly and dries within seconds. It also has a different texture that I can't really explain, but it's not smooth like most varnishes. I always apply a coat of varnish, clear gel (repeat!) ... however despite my routine it chipped within a few hours (as shown below) and was pealing off a day later. I wasn't happy but It was worth a try I guess!

Would I buy this product? No.

I've recently run out of my favourite face cleanser so I was happy to receive this cleansing milk in my box. You apply the gel to dry skin after removing your makeup and apply in circular motions. You then wet your hands and rub in again, but this time the gel transforms into a milky substance from the water. You rinse and voila! This has left my skin looking and feeling really fresh these past few weeks. It smells lovely too. Another favourite! 

Would I buy this product? Yes! 

This is a lovely body spray that seems to act as a deodorant too (at least for me). I received the English Rose scent and I would definitely say this is my favourite body spray I've tried. The amount of spray seems endless as the can seems to still be full after a few weeks of daily use. It's only £2.49 too! 

Would I buy this product? Yes!

I apply this Instant Calmer to damp hair and blow dry once a week and I'm beginning to see amazing results! My dull, lifeless mop has become shiny and sleek with fewer fly-away hairs. I'm having less trouble brushing through my hair now and I smell really good! This has really changed my hair care regime forever. 

Would I buy this product? Yes! 

I've been a fan of The Vintage Cosmetics Company for a few months now, so when I tried this shadow brush I wasn't disappointed. So pleased with it in fact, that I bought myself about 5 more (that are stored away until my birthday, wah) and put most of their website on my birthday list. It's a very cute, classic looking brush and it applies my shadow well! (See my review of The Vintage Cosmetic Company here)

Would I buy this product? Obviously this won't 'run out' as such, but I'd buy another one so I have one for dark and light shades. 

I thought it was a little bit strange having a candle in a beauty box at first. I used it when I was pampering myself and actually it is really relaxing. This candle has a lovely scent of what I believe is ginger (scent isn't specified). Cute little design too with a lid which is useful when travelling.

Would I buy this product? Yes!

Visit for more luxury samples, boxes and offers. 


  1. This is such a great box for the same price as Birch and Glossy, definitely kicks those two out of the water.

    I am thinking of cancelling those two as I'm just not feeling them lately, I think I'll replace them with this, more samples and the same price? Definitely worth it :D

    Juyey xx

  2. I absolutely love the Benefit mascara and I have to try the Nicky Clarke instant calmer!!

    Great post and a lovely blog!!

    Katrina X

  3. Just found your blog and I love it! New follower here, I can't wait to read more of your posts xx
    Check out my MAC giveaway:


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