Saturday, 28 September 2013

Beauty At Tori's

Tomorrow is my 20th birthday so I thought today I'd treat myself to a little pampering. My cousin, Tori, owns a cute little beauty salon in Kent so I thought I'd pay her a visit.

Tori provides all kinds of treatments, ranging from waxing to DermaCo skincare*. I've visited Tori for a number of treatments but today I treated myself to a Gelish Manicure and a fake tan!

For those that don't know, like me, Gelish is a brand of nail polish used in salons that basically aim to stay put! My friend, Fern, has already had a Gelish pedicure, so she clued me up on just how good it is (actually she showed me her toes from a few months ago and the polish is still there, unscratched, just grown out!). It took me some time to work out what colour I wanted on my nails, but I decided on "Welcome to the Mascarade" coated with a glitter polish (I can't remember the name, I had to Google the first colour!!). I'm in love with this combination, and it looks even better in real life. I think it looks like the night sky on my nails!

My tan was Sunless Solutions, shade 8. This was a lighter shade I've tried at Tori's, but I'm happy about that. It is the end of September, I don't need a really dark tan! I'm so so happy with the results. I look sunkissed, not orange in the slightest. It was such a quick process too. Unfortunately halfway through the development process I accidentally spilt a drop of tea on my hand, which rolled down my arm and made the BIGGEST white mark!! Luckily for me, when I showered the excess tan came off my skin and it's not even noticeable. I'm not going to lie I look fabulous!

I love Tori's salon. She's done so well for herself over the last year or so with her business. She even produces her own products, Beauty By Tori**. I've had this Cucumber Night Cream for a few months, but despite testing out other products this one is always the night cream I come back to. It smells divine and I wake up with healthy looking, plump skin that radiates throughout the day. It even helps reduce my spots and blackheads. Magic!

If you ever visit the Kent area and fancy a treat, I recommend visiting Beauty At Tori's. I know I sound biased because she's my cousin, but her treatments are fantastic and her staff are always friendly and they are very well trained. I never leave disappointed!

Fancy it? You can visit her webpage here, or like her page on Facebook here!

*Find a full list of treatments here.
** Find a full list of products here.

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